8 Things you Need to Know before signing up your business with another Utility Company in Texas

1) There is BIG difference in types of contract for you to consider, which they all have their benefits and drawbacks. Which there are fixed, fixed with a variable component, Variable, and swing contracts and whether the pricing, you get is really fixed or fixed RUC & Congestion are hedged all the way to the meter. (Normally RUC fixed pricing is not mentioned when receiving a quote. You NEED to ask!

2) Anyone can switch electric companies as long as you are not in a co-op. Furthermore, when shopping around for price call the utility company directly and ask price and then call an energy broker and ask for the same price from the same company, and you will find the pricing will be the same. The reason for this is the Utility co. has to pay a salesman or a broker the same commission so the fees are the same thus the pricing will be the same. The only different is the broker works for you and will be able to offer multiple companies, and consult with you on the different contracts that are offered on each company.

3) Rates vary by the start dates and the length of the term. When getting quotes make sure you give all the companies the same start date.

4) There always two companies involved in electric. One is the company you buy electric from and one is the one that delivers the electric. AEP Central is the company that owns all the wires and transformers down here in the Valley, and their rated of delivery is the same no matter what company you chose to buy electric. Most companies will show this as pass through charges on your bill.

5) There are two costs to considering when buying electric. One what is the rate the company is going to charge you per kWh, and if they charge a monthly charge, which they will either call it meter charge or service charge.
A)So if one company charges 6 cents per kWh and has no meter charge versus one that charges 6 cents per kWh with $7.00 charge. Then the last one will cost you $84.00 more a year for electric.

6) Check the cancellation clause in your contract. They are different and may be important if you are going to close down a location. Any questions call us at 956 381-4446

7) Most companies will NOT require a security deposit, unless there is a credit issue. Now if there is a credit issue not all companies have the some requirements. So if one asks for a security deposit, the next company may not because their credit requirements are less. Now if all companies are requesting a security deposit not all will require the same deposit. So shop around for the best deal.
8) Payment options. Some companies charge a fee if you pay online or use a credit card. Now if you normally bay by check, then there usually will be no issue. However, if you use other means of paying, then you need to check the company for their payment fees.

Real Corporation, 1703 W. Calle Cedro, Edinburg Texas78541

866 287-9484 http://www.realsmartbuyer.com

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