7 Things you Need to Know About Buying Electricity for your Home in Texas

1) Anyone can switch electric companies as long as you are not in a co-op. Now if you are not sure if you are in a co-op. Then just type your zip code with each company and if you are in co-op it will not provide pricing. However, if you do get pricing, then you can buy electric from that company.

2) There always two companies involved in electric. One is the company you choose to buy electric from and one is the other one that delivers the electric. AEP Central is the company that owns all the wires and transformers down here in the Valley, and their charge for delivering electricity to you is the same no matter which company you choose to buy your electricity from.

3) There are two costs to considering when buying electric. One is the rate they charge per kWh and the other is if they have a monthly meter or service charge. If it’s worth paying this charge depends on your usage and how much you save per kWh with this supplier.

A)So if one company charges 10 cents per kWh and has no meter charge versus one that charges 10 cents per kWh with $7.00 charge. The second one will cost you $84 more per year.

B) Another thing to look at some companies will charge a monthly fee if below a certain usage. For example, a company’s state there is a monthly fee $7.00 if 1000 kWh or less a month but over 1000 kWh no monthly fee. So in this case if you average 800 kWh a month you will experience a monthly fee of $7.00 Now if your monthly average is over 1000 kWh, then you will have no fee to worry about.

4) Most companies will NOT require a security deposit, unless there is a credit issue. Now if there is a credit issue not all companies have the some requirements. So if one asks for a security deposit, the next company may not because their credit requirements are less. Now if all companies are requesting a security deposit you will find not all will require the same deposit. So shop around for the best deal.

5) Rates vary by the length of the term. Now if you see a term, 6 months that has a good rate, but you will be moving in 4 months. You can still sign up for the 6 month and cancel the contract when leaving without experiencing a cancellation fee as long as you provide a forward address were you are moving. (Check the cancellation clause in your contract or look for the facts label with each company, and it will tell you) (Any Questions? Call us at 956 381-4446)

6) Prepay Options. We offer SMART Prepaid Electric – The Benefit prepaid plan you can buy as much as you want and no deposit required. Now with Prepay plan you just buy the amount you need for 1,2,3 months (No limit you Buy as much as you want) ! You buy energy by putting money into your account.( Like a savings account ) and then you draw from it and then buy more when needed and put it back into your account. Now if you move you can either get a refund for unused portion or leave it in your account when you return and finish it, then.

7) Payment options. Some companies charge a fee if you pay online or use a credit card. Now if you normally bay by check, then there usually will be no issue. However, if you use other means of paying, then you need to check the company for their payment fees

Real Corporation, 1703 W. Calle Cedro Edinburg TX 78541

866 287-9484 http://www.realsmartbuyer.com

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