Steven F. Trimarco

I am an Energy Conservationist, and I thought I share with you some things you can save big on with little or no investment.

★★★★★★Big Energy Savings you can do now with no cost !! ★★★★★★★
AC offers greatest potential gains in efficiency. 1/3 of all the electricity used by Texas residential & Business customers is used for air conditioning. The 2nd is hot-water heaters.

★ Save on electric bill by razing your AC thermostat up & for every 1 decree up saves you 2% on electric bill
★ Save on electric bill by reducing the temperature on your hot water tank to 120 degrees
★ Save electric bill by changing you AC filters & clean the fins & you can increase your energy savings by 10%
★ Do you know one of the biggest loss of energy is leaking duct work where it can cost you 20% more energy to heat/AC.
★ With a very small investment, you gain BIG savings with Save on electric bill by putting window film on your windows, which block out 80% of the sun’s heat through your windows.
★ Save on electric bill by changing old florescent lighting from T12 to T8 and you will reduce light bill by 40%
★ Other small investments to consider that save BIG. Energy-efficient features to consider include weather stripping doors, windows, and other openings; installing low-flush toilets, ceiling fans, programmable thermostats, and roof-radiant barriers; and the planting of low-water-use turf grass and plants.* installing low-flush toilets

I hope you found this interesting and to learn more about energy-saving go to our website and click on Library of Energy Conservation.

Steven F. Trimarco

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